The HVAC systems that operate quietly in the background of your Goshen-area home or business play a starring role when it comes to your indoor comfort. With proper maintenance, they will continue to deliver a stellar performance for many years to come. A longer service life is just one of the many benefits that regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance offers. It is to your advantage to ensure that your heating and cooling systems receive professional maintenance service.

Cost Benefits

Just as an insurance policy offers you protection against unexpected expenses, an HVAC maintenance program increase protection against costly emergency repairs for your heating or air conditioning system. Seasonal inspections and tune-ups increase HVAC efficiency too, so you spend less each month on your utility bills. Energy savings is the reason the U.S. Department of Energy calls enrolling in an annual maintenance program a cost-effective investment.

Reliable Performance

It’s easy to take HVAC systems for granted until a problem occurs, but the last thing you want is to be left without service in the middle of a heat wave or winter storm. A well-maintained heater or air conditioner is far less likely to break down than a neglected system. Even a small glitch in HVAC equipment can impact your indoor comfort, causing problems like uneven temperatures and inconsistent performance. A proactive maintenance program lets you enjoy an enhanced level of comfort in every season.

Safe Operation

From an undetected refrigerant leak to a blocked furnace flue, some HVAC malfunctions can pose health and safety risks to your family, friends or co-workers. Ensuring that fuel-burning heaters are serviced each year is particularly important. Professional heating system maintenance helps protect you against leaks and blockages that can result in dangerous combustion gases, including deadly carbon monoxide.

At Rex’s Heating and Cooling, our comprehensive HVAC maintenance program makes it easy and affordable to enjoy all the benefits of your HVAC system without the worry. To learn more about our indoor comfort solutions, explore our range of HVAC services or call (574) 500-2867 today!

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