If you’re planning to upgrade your furnace, and want to save the most on energy costs, consider installing a modulating gas furnace in your home. Heating installation experts in New Paris, IN, encourage homeowners to consider modulating furnaces over single-stage ones because they deliver exceptional whole-house heating without costing a fortune to operate.

How Does a Modulating Gas Furnace Work?

Modulating furnaces burn fuel incrementally. The furnace has a modulating gas valve and a variable-speed blower that work together constantly to maintain steady temperatures in the house. Single-stage and two-stage furnaces run at full capacity for short periods and don’t turn back on until the temperature falls below the thermostat’s setting. Heating systems that operate in this way lead to inconsistent heating caused by wild temperature swings, which isn’t an efficient way to heat the home.

How Modulating Furnaces Save Energy

Modulating furnaces run consistently, which you might think isn’t using energy wisely. However, when these furnaces run, they do so at minimum capacity—just enough to keep the temperature steady in your home. A furnace that runs consistently at less than full capacity uses less energy than one that powers on, heats the house to the desired temperature, kicks off, and then turns on again at full capacity to heat the house up again.

Another way that modulating gas furnaces use less energy is that they are highly adjustable. A single-stage furnace has two settings: on and off, and a two-stage furnace has three: low, high, or off. However, a modulating furnace has dozens of stages. It’s much easier to keep your home’s temperature consistent with a modulating furnace and minimize temperature swings that consume a lot of energy.

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If you want lower energy bills in your home, temperature consistency is the key. To learn more about the energy-saving benefits of modulating gas furnaces, call the heating installation experts at Rex’s Heating and Cooling today!

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