Finding Relible HVAC Contractors

Finding a reliable, trustworthy, HVAC contractor or repair company requires a little time and a list of what to look for in a reputable company. Whether you need your furnace repaired, an air conditioner tune-up, or an air quality test, year-round support from a company you can trust is important. As you search for a NATE-certified contractor in Goshen, Elkhart, Bristol, or surrounding communities, you will want to consider the following:

HVAC Training and Expertise

Whether you are in the market for a new HVAC, or you are hearing a new sound coming from your compressor, you will want to be sure that you are choosing a local Goshen HVAC contractor who participates in ongoing training, and who can handle all brands of equipment. An experienced technician will have several years of hands-on activity in the field.

Look for a NATE-certified contractor to ensure their services are compliant with today’s standards on a national level. Product knowledge is certainly key. You will want assurance that your contractor is certified to work on the newest systems, not just on older models. You will also want to find out about:

  • Maintenance/Service Agreement Plans – what these entail and costs you will incur.
  • Smart HVAC solutions – your HVAC contractor should be able to advise you whether you are incorporating these with your current system or upgrading completely, and provide information about how these systems can help you to be more energy-efficient.
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) support – a reliable HVAC contractor will be able to provide IAQ solutions for better air quality and indoor comfort.

Availability and Courtesy

Nothing says professional like quick response times and thorough service. When considering HVAC contractors, be sure you can count on your technicians even during emergencies. Ask about emergency service and response times on both these and normal service calls.

Rex’s Heating and Cooling is proud to offer experienced and reliable service for your Goshen residence or business. Whether you need HVAC installation or repair, you can obtain quality support and with a simple call to Rex’s Heating and Cooling at 574-538-2022.

The Latest in Geothermal Energy Products for Your Home

Radiant and hydronic geothermal systems have become more popular in recent years thanks to their green-friendly characteristics and the improved air quality these advanced heating and cooling solutions deliver for homeowners and their families. Radiant heating systems require no ductwork and transfer heat directly through conductive surfaces to reduce ambient noise and decrease particulates and pollutants in indoor air. When paired with an air handling system, these advanced climate control solutions can perform double duty to cool your home during the summer months. The Performance Hydronic Heat Pump by Carrier features a two-stage scroll compressor to deliver state-of-the-art performance during even the coldest Indiana winters.

Geothermal Heat Pumps by Carrier

The experts at Rex’s heating and cooling also carry a full range of Carrier geothermal heat pump systems. These geothermal heating and cooling solutions range from very efficient to extremely efficient. They provide cost-effective climate control throughout the heat of summer and the chill of winter to ensure year-round comfort for Indiana families. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that most geothermal heat pump systems will pay for themselves in lower utility bills within five to ten years after purchase and installation, making them a solid investment for most Indiana families.

Split-System Geothermal Heat Pumps

For homes with existing furnace systems, we can install a split system geothermal heat pump designed to complement your current setup and to provide added efficiency and comfort during each season of the year. Split systems typically require less space and can deliver added heating and cooling power to your existing heating and cooling setup.

At Rex’s Heating and Cooling, we specialize in providing expert geothermal installation and maintenance services for top-quality Carrier products. We offer emergency repair services for all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, allowing you and your family to stay comfortable no matter what Mother Nature may have in store this year. To learn more about our full line of geothermal heating and cooling services or any other service, call us at 574-538-2022 or stop by our conveniently located office in Goshen, Indiana.