A standard or basic HVAC air filter costs about as much as you might spend on dinner out with your friends. However, this simple product can save you a lot of money and make your home more comfortable. A clean air filter helps to ensure that your HVAC system operates in a manner that is reliable, effective, and safe for your family too. When you understand what your filter does, you’ll get why replacing it as soon as it becomes dirty is such a big deal.

Lower Monthly Energy Bills

When you live in Goshen or Elkhart, Indiana, your HVAC systems work hard in every season, which can make it challenging to keep heating and cooling costs manageable. When it comes to HVAC efficiency, the Environmental Protection Agency calls air filter replacement the most important maintenance task you can perform. You may be surprised by how much more money you can keep in your pocket. For example, replacing a clogged filter in your AC with a clean one can cut its energy usage by up to 15 percent.

Safe and Healthy Air

An HVAC filter might be a simple product, but it offers powerful protection for your family against the damaging health effects of indoor air pollution. A clean filter helps improve your home’s indoor air quality by filtering out allergens and other contaminants from the air you breathe. A dirty filter allows dust and debris to accumulate and corrode critical system components, which not only leads to premature repairs and replacements but can pose safety hazards for your household and property too.

Maintenance Services from Rex’s Heating and Cooling

Although you are primarily responsible for filter changes, reducing the level of contaminants in your indoor air is even better. We provide maintenance services that keep your system clean, promote healthy indoor air, and help your filter to perform efficiently. Schedule maintenance regularly for the best performance.

At Rex’s Heating and Cooling, we are pleased to offer a range of money-saving products and services designed to enhance your life at home. For more information about why performing routine care for your filter and overall HVAC systems matters, contact Rex’s Heat and Cooling today at (574) 500-2867.

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