If you live in or around Bristol, IN, you already know that an effective home heating system is essential for getting through the winter. Annual heating tune-ups performed by a qualified technician help to ensure that your furnace will be ready to face the challenges presented by the coldest months of the year. Continue reading to learn more about why you should never skip routine professional furnace maintenance visits.

Help Maximize Your Heating System’s Efficiency

Over time, the components that allow your furnace to heat your home can wear down and become less efficient. During a standard maintenance visit, your technician will check these components, clean them, and make minor adjustments to them to improve both your system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Annual tune-ups also give your technician the opportunity to check for potential future issues so that you can address them early on before they progress into more extensive and costly problems.

Improve Performance and Consistency

The same steps taken by your technician that help to improve efficiency also help to ensure that your system will operate as effectively as possible throughout the winter. Regular HVAC tune-ups help to eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, as well as reducing the need for furnace repair calls. ^These visits significantly reduce the occurrence of breakdowns and provide peac3e of mind that your heater will work properly when you need it most.

Avoid Potential Health and Safety Issues

During an annual maintenance visit, your technician will also check to make sure that all your furnace’s safety instruments are working properly. A malfunctioning furnace can release a number of toxic gases into your home. One of the most common and most dangerous of these is carbon monoxide. To further ensure your family’s health and safety, be sure that you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector and check it at least every six months to make sure that it still works properly.

To learn more about our heating maintenance services or to schedule an appointment, call Rex’s Heating and Cooling today, We’ll be glad to help you with all of your heating and cooling needs.

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