There’s no doubt your heating system has worked hard to keep your family warm throughout the winter season. But while spring is weeks away on the calendar, winter isn’t over yet for residents in Goshen, Indiana. Give your heating system the care it deserves by investing in a winter season clean and check. Doing so provides these benefits:

A Winter Season Clean and Check Lowers Your Monthly Heating Costs

If you presume spring weather will arrive sooner rather than later, a winter season clean and check might seem like a waste of money. But no matter when the temperatures start to warm up, taking care of your heating system is always a good idea. A winter season clean and check can lower your monthly heating costs by up to 15 percent.

A Winter Season Clean and Check Reduces Heating Repairs

Cold winter conditions don’t only threaten your comfort at home; they also increase the associated risks to your health and safety. Protecting yourself is important to preventing illness and other dangers.

By investing in a winter season clean and check while the conditions are still cold, you’ll ensure your heating system operates efficiently and doesn’t break down. As a result, your family will survive the winter without issue and enjoy the mild weather of spring. You’ll also reduce the risk of suffering a major heating repair and blowing all that summer vacation money on it.

A Winter Season Clean and Check Extends Your Heater’s Lifespan

When your heating system operates at peak efficiency and doesn’t break down frequently, it lasts as long as its life cycle – or even longer. Considering how much it costs to replace a heating system that’s irreparable, it’s clearly better to pay for a winter season clean and check than a new unit. Taking the risk isn’t worth your time, your money or your comfort.

Rex’s Heating and Cooling is currently offering a winter season clean and check for only $85. Contact us at (574) 500-2867 to take advantage of this special offer and care for your heating system today.

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