If you’re a Goshen, IN homeowner and you want to upgrade your thermostat, it can get confusing. There are a variety of devices on the market, and each device has unique features and characteristics. Here’s a brief synopsis of today’s cutting-edge HVAC thermostats and why you might choose one over another:

Programmable Thermostats

These devices
can be set to maintain different temperatures at different times of the day based on your schedule. The more sophisticated the thermostat, the more programming features it will offer. Ideally, programmable thermostats automatically reduce heating and cooling output when you’re not there to enjoy it. That saves energy and keeps utility bills reasonable.

Wi-Fi Thermostats and Connected Controls

With connected controls, you can access your HVAC via the internet. These devices are programmable, and they allow you to control conditions in your home remotely. Wi-Fi thermostats are compatible with home automation platforms and home zoning systems. They can alert you when it’s time to change the air filter or to schedule HVAC maintenance. If the thermostat senses a problem with your HVAC, it can let you know in real time. You can even arrange for your HVAC contractor to receive system information in order to perform remote equipment diagnostics.

Smart Thermostats and Learning Thermostats

Learning thermostats are programmable, have internet connectivity, and can even think for themselves. They sense your movements, learn your habits, and make energy-efficient decisions based on your preferences. For example, they might turn on the fans for air circulation instead of cranking up your AC. Smart thermostats can chart your energy usage, suggest ways to further cut costs, and generate efficiency reports. Some devices can even adjust hot water temperatures and respond to voice-activated commands.

The kind of thermostat that will best serve your needs is a matter of personal choice. To learn more about these sophisticated HVAC controls, visit Rex’s Heating and Cooling or call (574) 500-2867.

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