The holiday season isn’t exactly the most convenient time to start thinking about buying a new heating system. But if your heater is on its last legs, you’re likely wasting energy and paying higher utility bills as a result. Whether you purchase a new heating system as a household gift or wait until after the holidays, read on to learn when you might need a new heating in your Goshen, Indiana, home soon.

Heater Makes Unusual Noises

It’s perfectly normal for your heating system to make sounds as it turns on and off. But if you hear it making unusual noises during operation, it might signal a problem. Banging, squealing and rattling are all noises that should alarm you.

Pilot Light Is the Wrong Color

Under normal conditions, your pilot light should burn a steady blue flame. If you notice a flickering flame or that your pilot light is burning yellow, it’s likely that your heating system is producing carbon monoxide. Turn your heating system off, open the windows and contact a professional immediately before endangering your family.

Higher-Than-Usual Heating Bills

Compare last year and this year’s heating bills. Do you notice any major disparities? While one reason might be the rising energy costs in Goshen, Indiana, your higher-than-usual heating bills can also indicate that your heater isn’t operating at maximum efficiency anymore. At the very least, a service technician should inspect it.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

While poor indoor air quality can simply mean that you need to change your HVAC filter, it might also mean that you need a heating system. An experienced service technician can test your home’s poor IAQ and determine its root cause.

You can extend your system’s life by investing in heating maintenance. This can buy you a bit more time to save for a new unit. Contact Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867 to schedule maintenance or learn about our state-of-the-art heating solutions.

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