In order to eliminate the loss of warmed and cooled air through structural cracks and leaks, New Paris, IN homes have been sealed as tightly as possible. This saves on utility costs, but the lack of ventilation can cause your home to have poor indoor air quality. Putting up with these conditions can be uncomfortable, but more importantly, they can be hazardous to your health.

Don’t Let Indoor Airborne Pollutants Build Up

Dealing with stale air in your home isn’t that serious of an issue, unto itself. However, you can develop a rather serious air quality problem if your home doesn’t have proper ventilation. The air in your home can become laden with airborne pollutants from pet dander, dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses. Tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds, radon, lead, and asbestos pose even more of a threat to your family’s health. These pollutants can cause health issues ranging from sneezing and coughing to chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Establishing Adequate Ventilation

Modern, tightly sealed homes need some extra help to maintain an appropriate level of indoor air quality that will support the health and well-being of everyone who lives there. Even though there are numerous ways to freshen your home’s air, a home ventilation systems will bring in fresh air from outdoors while also removing the old, polluted air.

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are central, whole-house systems that reduce energy loss in winter by using heat from the outgoing air to warm the fresh incoming air. In summer, the process works basically the same way, just in reverse. ERVs transfer a certain amount of water vapor with the heat energy. This helps balance winter humidity levels, preventing the air from becoming too dry. ERVs are most effective in regions with severe winters and high fuel costs like New Paris, IN.

At Rex’s heating and Cooling, we believe that indoor comfort is about more than just temperature. That’s why we provide indoor air quality products like ERVs to keep indoor air as healthy as possible. Visit our website to learn more, or call us at (574) 500-2867 if you have any questions.

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