When it’s time to replace or upgrade your Goshen, IN home’s heating and cooling equipment, a geothermal system is a wise choice. Their energy efficiency, longevity and environmental friendliness make them a top choice for new construction homes, too. Before you choose a geothermal heat pump, it’s important to know how it works and how much money you can save over its lifespan.

Learn How Geothermal Heat Pumps Work

Geothermal heat pumps contain an indoor unit and a series of buried loops. These underground loops have a vertical or horizontal orientation. Vertical loops may extend up to 300 feet below the Earth’s surface. The Earth’s consistent temperature of about 55 degrees Fahrenheit at a depth of six or more feet below the soil’s surface makes it an ideal medium for heat exchange through the liquid flowing through the loops.

Discover the Lifetime Savings of a Geothermal Heat Pump

According to the Department of Energy, choosing an Energy Star-certified geothermal heat pump will save you up to 70% on annual energy costs. These systems can last from 25 to 50 years. In order to achieve these energy savings, you’ll need to keep up with routine heat pump maintenance.

Enjoy Year-round Comfort and Savings

Geothermal HVAC systems remove heat and humidity from your home in the summertime. Their summer loop transfers heat from your home into the Earth. In the wintertime, the heat pump’s reversing valve engages. It transfers heat from the Earth into your home. Because transferring heat uses less energy than creating heat, you’ll enjoy optimal comfort and low electricity bills all year long.

To learn more about geothermal systems and how they can save you money, take a look at Rex’s Heating and Cooling’s geothermal heat pumps, or reach out to us today.

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