Geothermal heat pumps provide exceptional efficiency when compared to traditional forced-air HVAC systems. While they’re efficient, these units are also very complex, so it’s important to hire a qualified HVAC company like the pros at Rex’s Heating and Cooling. Our NATE certified technicians have extensive experience with the geothermal installation process.

Understanding Geothermal Technology

Unlike traditional HVAC equipment, geothermal systems use the earth as the medium for energy transfer. Since the temperature of the earth is stable all year round, ground source heat pumps lose very little efficiency in all weather conditions.

Ground Source systems incorporate three essential elements:

  • Condensing Unit: The condenser houses the compressor, condensing coil, fan and other components needed to accommodate the refrigeration cycle.
  • The Conduit: The conduit serves as the pathway between the condensing coil and the ground. The heat exchange takes place in a specially designed polyethylene piping system. Closed-loop systems use a formulated antifreeze solution circulated through the piping network while open-loop systems require a permanent water source. Closed-loop systems have become increasingly popular because they’re convenient and easy to install.
  • The Air Distribution System: Similar to an air-to-air system, a ground source configuration includes the air handler, blower, evaporator coil and related components.

Geothermal Benefits

For those living in Goshen, Ind., and the surrounding area, ground source heat pumps provide a variety of benefits when compared to conventional cooling and heating equipment. While the air temperature can vary by as much as 60 degrees, the temperature of the earth hardly changes throughout the year. As a result, this superior process provides extraordinary efficiency that translates into lower utility bills, reduced repair costs and longer equipment life. For example, Carrier’s Performance Series geothermal heat pumps provide efficiencies up to 24.5 EER (28 SEER) in a closed-loop configuration.

The Geothermal Experts

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of installing a ground source heat pump, call the experts at Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867 today.

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