In areas with colder climates, such as Goshen, IN, a new boiler is a cost-effective way to heat a home. New boilers offer a full array of energy-efficient and convenient features that will lower your monthly utility bills and enhance your comfort. Here are some of the top features to look for when you consider a boiler installation for your home.

Sealed Combustion Chamber

Modern boiler systems offer sealed combustion chambers. A sealed combustion chamber brings outdoor air directly into the chamber. It exhausts flue gases, including poisonous carbon monoxide, directly to the outdoors. According to the Department of Energy, the sealed combustion chamber prevents any dangerous combustion byproducts from mixing with the air you breathe.

Aluminum Heat Exchanger and Stainless-Steel Burners

Constant exposure to moisture and acidic combustion gases may cause metal heat exchangers and burners to rust, corrode, crack, or wear out prematurely. Modern boilers feature heat exchangers made from cast aluminum. These parts don’t have any welds or seams, so there are fewer weak areas prone to cracking. Aluminum is also rust- and corrosion-resistant. The stainless-steel burners also resist rust and corrosion. Our qualified service technicians recommend an annual maintenance visit to clean the heat exchanger and burners in your boiler. Doing so ensures that these parts burn fuel cleanly and transfer as much heat as possible.

Condensing Chamber

Condensing boilers concentrate the steam created during the process of heating water. They use this steam to preheat the cold water entering the boiler. As a result, they’re up to 98% energy efficient. Energy Star explains that modern boilers with this feature and the Energy Star certification are 5% more energy efficient than standard boiler systems. Choosing a condensing boiler installation could save you hundreds of dollars each year on home heating costs.

To learn more about the features offered by modern boilers, take a look at Rex’s Heating and Cooling’s boiler installation services, or get in touch with our qualified service technicians today.

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