When a winter storm barrels through Goshen, Indiana, nothing is more important than ensuring your family’s safety and comfort. Don’t wait for these moments to catch you off guard and make you appreciate the value of a well-operating heating system. If your heater isn’t keeping everyone warm and cozy, a little proactive help can make all the difference. Here’s how to make sure that you reap the full rewards of the investment you’ve made in your family’s comfort.

Tackle Leaks

During a winter storm, even a small gap in your home’s building envelope can create a bone-chilling draft. Air leaks cost you money too. The cold air pulled inside forces your heater to run for longer cycles, driving up your energy bills. Leaks also allow the air you’ve paid to heat to escape outside. Lower your energy bills by up to 30 percent and improve your comfort with these simple solutions:

  • Weatherstripping or caulk drafty windows and doors to keep them airtight.
  • Use spray sealant to plug gaps around plumbing pipes, vents and phone lines.
  • Place foam gaskets behind electrical switch plates and outlets.
  • Keep fireplace dampers tightly closed when not in use.

Stock Up on Air Filters

It’s easy to forget about the filter in your heater, but it plays a big role in keeping everyone comfortable. A clean filter not only helps to improve airflow and indoor air quality but safeguards the equipment from damaging dirt too. Replacing the filter whenever it looks dirty will help to protect you from an unexpected breakdown. When a winter storm keeps your family indoors, you’ll feel better knowing a stack of clean filters is close at hand.

Don’t Forget About Heater Maintenance

When it comes to making sure your heater operates properly, it’s always best to take a proactive approach. If you missed your pre-season tuneup, however, take heart. At Rex’s Heating and Cooling, it’s never too late to schedule service. We’re readily available to perform all the maintenance tasks it takes to keep your heater running in peak condition. For more information, explore our heating services or give us a call at (574) 500-2867.

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