Each year, residents of Granger, Indiana, look for the best ways to heat their homes and still save on energy bills. While you focus on your heating system, bear in mind that the ductwork plays a big role in indoor air quality, heating efficiency and energy savings. No matter how efficient the system you purchase or what steps you take to use your thermostat wisely, if your ductwork is damaged, those efforts will be in vain. Damaged ductwork can impact your health and energy bills and make for a very uncomfortable winter.

Leaky Ducts

As air moves through the ducts, over time, the seams can wear away. Additionally, air pressure can cause cracks and leaks to develop. This is not a simple matter that should be overlooked. These leaks can affect your indoor air quality and increase your energy bill.

Your HVAC systems will have to run longer to maintain ideal temperatures. The extra demand results in greater energy consumption and wear on the system. The leaks cause moisture and pollutants to enter your air supply. Humidity and indoor air quality problems can make life difficult for everyone but even worse for those with respiratory and other illnesses.

You will also notice that some areas might be harder to cool than others. The ductwork is hidden behind the walls or ceilings and is not something you can easily inspect. Our experienced HVAC technicians have the tools to thoroughly examine your ductwork. We will provide an honest assessment and will not recommend the service if you don’t need it.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

During routine maintenance, the experts at Rex’s Heating and Cooling will thoroughly inspect your system. We expect ducts to have debris, but we will notify you of excessive accumulations that could prove harmful to your household. Our technicians are trained to identify indoor air quality threats and their sources. We will restore clean air in no time. Call us today at (574) 500-2867 to schedule an appointment.

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