Springtime has arrived in Goshen, IN, which means it’s time to make sure your HVAC system is ready to keep your home comfortable. No matter whether you have a heat pump or an air conditioner and furnace, changes in the weather necessitate an efficient and effective home comfort system. The best way to keep your HVAC system running throughout the spring and summer is to schedule HVAC maintenance with experienced technicians.

Learn What Springtime HVAC Maintenance Includes

A springtime maintenance visit for your HVAC system includes checking the refrigerant level and inspecting the tubing and coils that carry the refrigerant into and out of your home. Our technicians also make sure the system’s contactors, capacitor and other electrical components are in good condition. We clean the coils and fan, lubricate the motor, change the air filter and sanitize the condensate line.

Know When to Schedule a Tune-up

The best time to schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system is early- to mid-spring. If a warm front brings balmy weather, the system will be ready to cool and dehumidify your home. During the maintenance visit, our technicians may find a part that’s worn and recommend a repair or replacement. By scheduling the tune-up early in the springtime, there’s plenty of time to fix any issues before summer’s heat and humidity arrive.

Discover the Benefits of a Well-maintained HVAC System

According to the Department of Energy, a well-maintained heat pump uses 10% to 25% less energy to maintain indoor comfort. This is also true for central air conditioners and other HVAC systems. By keeping up with tune-ups, you’ll save money on cooling your home this summer. You’ll also lower the risk of an unexpected HVAC system breakdown that could disrupt your comfort and require a pricey, urgent repair.

To learn more about when and why to schedule HVAC maintenance, take a look at Rex’s Heating and Cooling’s HVAC tune-up services, or reach out to us today.

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