Although spring is officially here – at least on the calendar – residents in Indiana know that April and even May can attract cold fronts that warrant the use of their heating system. To continue staying warm during the final stretches of this year’s winter and prepare for the next, follow these three tips for dealing with the cold in your home.

Block Window and Door Drafts

Air leaks in your home’s windows and doors can make it feel several degrees colder, which makes your HVAC system operate more and increases your heating bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, reducing drafts can result in energy savings of up to 30 percent. Here are a few ways you can fix or reduce drafts in your home.

  • Use weatherstripping
  • Apply rigid foam insulation
  • Hang insulated curtains
  • Install new sweeps
  • Re-caulk the windows and doors

Use the Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage

Most homeowners flip a switch without realizing their ceiling fans need to rotate in a specific direction during each season. During the winter, the ceiling fans should rotate in a clockwise direction, which redistributes the warm air that has naturally risen to the ceiling.

Invest in Furnace Maintenance

Although it’s best to perform furnace maintenance before the winter to ensure your heating system operates efficiently during the coldest months of the year, it’s never a bad idea to schedule a tuneup in the spring to make sure the unit is still in working order. When scheduling maintenance, consider also investing in duct cleaning to improve your indoor air quality and system efficiency.

For more information about how to stay warm during the winter months in Goshen, Indiana, or if you’re interested in our residential and commercial heating services, read on about how to ensure comfort during a blizzard or contact Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867. Our home comfort specialists look forward to serving you.

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