Heating maintenance is an important part of preventing major breakdowns during winter’s coldest days and nights in Goshen, Indiana. During a professional tune-up, your service technician will inspect and test your system, repairing minor heating issues before they worsen. The sooner you catch these issues, the lower your risk of needing a premature replacement.

Heating System Blows Cold Air

If your heating system blows cold air, check your thermostat before panicking. You might have accidentally programmed the wrong setting. If it’s set to your desired temperature, crank the thermostat up a few degrees to check if the air blows warmer. Make sure to also set the system to ‘auto’ instead of ‘fan on,’ since the fan doesn’t blow heat.

If your thermostat setting is correct, you might have an issue with:

  • A filthy HVAC air filter
  • Leaking ductwork
  • A lack of furnace fuel
  • The pilot light

Heating System Not Warming Some Part of Your Home

If your heating system isn’t distributing warm air through your home evenly, check its HVAC air filter. If it’s not clean, change it. Remember to do so at least every 90 days to ensure your HVAC system operates efficiently.

If replacing the HVAC air filter doesn’t resolve the problem, you’ll need to schedule a professional to inspect your ductwork. It’s likely there’s a leak inside your ducts, preventing warm air from moving freely through the system.

Heating System Smells Like It’s Burning

If your heating system smells like it’s burning, turn it off and unplug it. Although a burning smell might only indicate your system needs a new filter or has a lot of dust buildup inside it, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After unplugging your heating system, change its filter and wipe off any dust on its external – stay clear of the internal – components.

Have you scheduled heating maintenance yet? It’s not too late. Contact Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867 today to ensure you prevent minor heating issues from becoming major problems that impact your safety and comfort.

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