Deep, comfortable and refreshing sleep offers abundant benefits. Here are five of them:

1. It Makes You Happy

A study at the University of Pennsylvania allowed volunteers to sleep only 4.5 hours per night for one week. During that time, the subjects felt sad, stressed, angry and wiped out. When they resumed normal sleep patterns, they reported a dramatic mood improvement. A University of Texas study found that those who suffer from sleeplessness are 10 times more prone to depression and anxiety.

2. It Improves Memory

Sleeping seven or more hours per night can protect you from Alzheimer’s. Sleep-deprived people have higher levels of stress hormones that interfere with short-term memory. Sleep improves attention and helps the brain to come up with creative ideas and solutions to problems.

3. It Reduces Pain

Numerous studies indicate that the less you sleep, the more pain you feel. A good sleep can relieve pain as effectively as a dose of pain medication.

4. It Makes You Look Young

During sleep, your body repairs damaged skin cells and produces new ones. Lack of sleep interferes with this and increases the production of stress hormones that cause inflammation. A recent Swedish study showed that people are perceived as healthier and more attractive when they are well-rested.

5. It Improves Your Health

Researchers at the Canadian Université Laval discovered that the blood of insomniacs contained fewer antibodies than the blood of people who slept more. Numerous studies show that chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease are linked to a lack of sleep, and those who sleep less than six hours per night are at risk for stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and early death.

How HVAC Affects Sleep

Heating, AC, indoor air quality, humidity and ventilation can all affect the quality of your sleep. Studies indicate that humans sleep best when the air temperature is between 65 and 72 degrees. However, poor indoor air quality can interfere with sleep by producing symptoms like congestion, nausea, sneezing, rashes and coughing. If your sleep is suffering due to these symptoms, indoor air pollution in your Goshen, IN, home may be to blame.

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