Packaged HVAC systems offer numerous benefits. If you’re installing a central heating and air conditioning system for the first time or if you need to replace an older unit, you should consider an all-in-one system. Here are a few reasons we recommend packaged products to our customers in Goshen and Elkhart, Indiana.

Saving Space

Packaged units can save space inside your home. If you have a split system, the evaporator coil, air handler, and furnace are probably inside your house. With a packaged unit, all of the equipment is outside, so there’s no need for furnaces and bulky air handlers to take up space in a closet, attic, or utility room. A packaged AC system can help you take back your basement. Because the blower is outside, you’ll also enjoy quieter heating and cooling throughout the year.

Easier Maintenance

All-in-one packaged units are easy to operate and maintain. Because all of the components are located behind one control panel, each part can be inspected and tested during routine tune-ups in the spring and fall. Maintenance procedures required for the blower, gas burner, and heating components, don’t need to be completed separately. If repairs are required, the problem can be diagnosed and corrected from outside your home. Maintenance advantages reduce the cost of ownership and ensure that your warranty coverage is protected.

Better Performance

With a split system, the indoor and outdoor units must be compatible to deliver the best performance. This means that you might have to replace both sides of the system to correct a problem. If you want to replace your compressor only, you’ll have to select a model that works with the existing unit. You won’t have as many options, and you might not be able to use high-efficiency models if the existing coils don’t support these advanced features. With a packaged AC system, the components are preselected to deliver optimal performance.

Packaged HVAC units can offer numerous benefits, and they come with many efficient features. If you’re considering an upgrade, you can learn more about our Carrier products online or by calling Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867.

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