Geothermal heating and cooling as the name implies, draws on thermal energy from the earth to provide heating and cooling. Only a few feet under the ground, the temperature of the earth remains consistently in the of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit range year-round. So, no matter how the seasons change, the temperature used for geothermal energy remains basically the same. This unvarying free energy source can be accessed to provide warmth for your Goshen-area home in the winter, and re-absorbs heat energy extracted from the home to provide cooling in summer.

Geothermal energy, of course, benefits the environment as you no longer have to contend with fossil fuel combustion byproducts while trying to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Almost any property with sufficient room to bury the system of pipes, called an earth loop, is a candidate for a geothermal system. The following are a few of the main benefits of geothermal heating and cooling:

  • Energy and money savings. A geothermal system requires only minimal electricity to operate the heat pump. A typical installation uses up to 50 percent less power than the conventional system it replaced. This shows up as an immediate reduction in your monthly heating and cooling bills.

  • More comfort. Geothermal systems do more than maintain a comfortable temperature. An important component of indoor comfort is humidity extraction. Geothermal systems effectively maintain household relative humidity in the 50 percent range.

  • Installation flexibility. Geothermal can usually retrofit in place of any conventional HVAC system. It is also easy to design into new residential construction. Because the bulk of the geothermal system is installed outdoors, unlike the standard air conditioner/furnace configuration, you won’t have to sacrifice much indoor space.

  • Long service life. Heat pump technology incorporated in a geothermal system is proven and low-maintenance. The underground system components typically come with 50-year warranties. Because all parts of the system are either buried or indoors, concerns about wear and tear from exposure to elements are eliminated. Geothermal systems are also quieter systems.

For more information on the benefits of geothermal heating and cooling and our geothermal heat pumps, contact Rex’s Heating and Cooling at (574) 500-2867. Our technicians can provide efficient and reliable service for new as well as traditional systems.

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